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Japan experiments

Dear all,


To keep you all a little more involved I took photos around the lab and of the plants, and found a way to share it with you. To keep the gallery organised, there are several sections, one for each experiment. THREE! And the experiment descriptions can be found under info - not yet.

The PETIS experiment is finished! It was a little tricky if the plants would be big enough, but it all seems to have worked out.To support the PETIS data we will do a larger experiment with Carbon 13, in which we will vary the concentrations of N and see if that carbon investment would be proportional, like our third hypothesis remember? 

We have also come up with a third plan in which we are growing wheat and rice with high and low nitrogen and low and high potassium levels. This pre-treatments brings them in a certain state, after which we will give some Cs-137 (awesome) to the roots. Cs is supposed to behave like K in the plant, it goes through the same ion channels and is therefore a measure of what K would have done.

Have fun browsing!